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Ballast Point Sculpin Session

I was invited to Ballast Point Sculpin Session. This was my first time at a beer event so I wasn't sure what to expect.
Hank, the host, was really nice. He did a quick presentation about Ballast Point Brewing, and I actually learn quite a lot about beer. If you want to know more about the story behind Ballast Point click here.
I didn't know that the four key ingredients for all beers were water, malts, yeast, and hops. There's also a whole color range of beers (pale yellows to reds to dark browns). I'm not an avid beer drinker, and if I do drink beer, it was usually a light golden color. I mainly drink "girly" beers or light beers because I don't like the barley taste. I found out that there were a variety of beers with a big range of taste and flavors, and that there was a beer for everyone's palate.

We tried 4 samples.
Bonito - Blonde Ale | Sour Wench - Blackberry Ale | Sea Rose - Tart Cherry Wheat Ale
The Bonito tasted like a very light beer.
Sour …

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