About Me

Hello! I'm Sandy, and I am a VCU alumnus with a major in Fashion Merchandising.

I first stumbled upon blogging back in late 2006 and since then I became obsessed! I started by blogging about my daily life and slowly incorporated fashion and beauty. As of 2012, blogspot and instagram are my main outlets for creative content.

The name UHHSANDY came about during AIM days and has since been my handle. I can go more into why that came to be and how it grew on me another time, but for now that's all you need to know. :)

This blog will consist of many things ranging from lifestyle to styling to reviews. From this blog I hope to share my interests and to have a place to keep my memories - think of this as my public journal. I hope you guys will enjoy and follow along!

For any business inquiries concerning sponsorships, product reviews, or collaborations, please email me at uhhsandy@gmail.com.

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