NEW YORK | Day 3 & 4: Osamil, Grace Street Cafe, Glossier, etc

Monday, January 28, 2019
Day 3 was a blur.

We all got ready to go to Osamil for bottomless brunch. The plan was to go to brunch and then get ramen or omurice after. Yeah, that totally failed. I had one too many drinks and was pretty much done. I still made it back to the airbnb by walking though! I ended up sleeping most of the day.
I'm not too sure what the others did. I just remembered that half of the group was leaving this day so they were just doing errands.

My cousin Mindy did help us get Gong Cha so that really helped when I woke up.
I did manage to grab dinner. We got ramen at Momosan Ramen. It was okay. I couldn't really enjoy it because I felt so hungover. I'm getting too oldddd.

Day 4: Last Day

Our last day at NYC. We cleaned up the airbnb and headed out, and then, grabbed some breakfast.

We went here for breakfast. It was a soondubu place which was nice since it was cold and a great hangover cure. I got the seafood soontofu which came with white rice and yellow croaker. It was my first time having a meal like this with the fish. It was really good! Definitely want to go back.


This place is so cute! They also have so many HK style desserts and drinks. I got the HK style milk tea and I got to try a bite or two of the bingsoo my cousin and her boyfriend got. I was contemplating about getting brick toast, but I was already so full from the soondubu already so I passed. Hopefully, I'll try brick toast one day even if it's not at this location.

I needed to pick something up for a friend and also got some face masks for myself. This is my favorite place to get sheet masks. I just feel like it fits my face better.


 This was on my list to visit and was so glad it was on the way to our bus stop. Mindy and I made a "quick" stop to check it out and I got a lip balm. I wanted to check it out in person since I've been meaning to get one online but was not too sure if the shade would look good on me. There was also a lot of photo ops so we took advantage of that.

We also decided to stop by this mochi donut place. I got the brûlée and matcha mochi donuts. I didn't eat it until we got home since I wasn't hungry and wanted to eat it with my siblings. It was okay. Maybe it'll be better fresh? Will give mochi donut another chance in the future.


It's located in Canal Street Market. I was expecting it to be like the street version of the cheong fun with the XO sauce, but this was more handmade/hand rolled. They make it to order and add in a bunch of other things to it. It was good. Definitely give them a try if you get the chance, but I probably won't be going back to it again because I really want the legit street version that you see in dramas haha.

Bus picked us up at 5pm on the dot! It was a good trip. I only wished it was maybe one more day longer because I felt like I missed out on a day since I slept through it. Lesson definitely learned about day drinking. I'll only do ONE drink next time so I can still enjoy the rest of my day afterwards.

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