NEW YORK 2019 | Day 2: The Color Factory, Gyu-Kaku, shopping in SOHO, etc

Sunday, January 27, 2019
Day two was actually the busiest day.

We grabbed a bagel for breakfast and walked to The Color Factory. Feeling like a real New Yorker. I got the lox bagel with cream cheese, avocado, and egg. It was so good!


I was actually the most excited about going to The Color Factory. Super stoked that my group was up for it. For those interested, you do need to buy tickets beforehand. They do not sell it at doors.

All the interactive rooms were so fun and the treats were yummy, too! I really loved that there was no time limit in each room so we got to spend our time and take as much pictures as we wanted. It was also pretty neat that they gave us photo cards so we can pull it up online later to look at our pictures. It's so helpful for those that go by themselves and not have anybody to help them take pictures or for people that are too shy to ask someone to take pictures for themselves/the group.

There was a little episode with me losing my phone in the ball pit and same with my sister but THANKFULLY we both found our phones. The ball pit, man. I highly recommend that you wear something that has zipper pockets or put your phones in your bag. This is my third ball pit I've been in as an adult and was the first time I lost my phone in it. The first two times I went in with my mini backpack and put my phone in there.


Diana, Mindy and I went shopping while the others went back to the Airbnb. We went to a bunch of random stores, but I only got some things from MUJI. I got some washi tape, gel pens, and the infamous acrylic drawers.


My first time going to a Japanese bbq place. The experience was definitely different compared to kbbq. We cooked our own foods. Also, we got to sit in the special room since we were such a big group. We had the traditional floor seats! I thought it was nice. I split the special with David and Diana and also got a separate order of soup to share. Even though I didn't feel like we ate a lot, we were so full...

We thought about stopping by a dessert place but we ended up getting free desserts so we went back to the Airbnb since we were planning on going clubbing.

Clubbing was a fail. We were all tired and didn't feel like freezing our butts and buy expensive drinks. OMG we're old now...

My co-worker highly recommended this place and it opened late so we grabbed some late night pizza. We had it delivered.

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