Apple Picking at Carter Mountain, VA

Saturday, November 23, 2019

We haven't went apple picking since we were middle schoolers so this was pretty nostalgic. It was supposed to be a group trip with our S.O.'s, but they bailed. It's okay though; we still had fun without them!

My cousin Mindy drove me and my sister. It was nice catching up and talking about random stuff like we used to. Plus, I brought snacks so basically like old times!

I would say the ride was pretty good. We left earlier than we planned because it was supposed to rain around 1pm. The drive was about a hour and a half.

I wanted to get some fuji apples and pink lady apples, and luckily, they were available!

We went to pick the fuji apples first. There was a bus shuttle to the area and we had it all to ourselves! I can't believe the seats were so small... Were they always this size??

After we were done picking fuji apples and taking pics we got back on the bus shuttle and paid for the apples. We warmed up a bit and then made our way to the pink lady apples. It was a hike! We didn't know it was going to be that far but there was no shuttle to it so this was our only way. It was worth it though because these were so good! I recommend getting the smaller ones because they're sweeter. The bigger they were, the more tart they tasted.

One reason why I thought this trip was probably better without the guys was because we could take our time and take as much pics as we wanted until we got the shot. Also, we didn't really need that many apples. I felt like the guys would have picked too much and the apples would go to waste since the guys don't really eat fruits. Everything worked out for the better in the end :)

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