Virgo Season is Among Us

Friday, September 8, 2017
What sign are you?

Tobi dress c/o
My birthday is coming! It actually sneaked up on me this year since time is seriously passing by so fast. I was going to plan it and have a theme and all, but with only about a week left - there's nothing I can really do... I'm probably going to just have dinner with close friends and cake with the family like most of my birthdays. I'm honestly a little bummed since it's my Quarter birthday which I feel like is a milestone - that's when you get lumped together with the 30 year-olds which is kinda scary to think about. I still feel like I'm 18! But, I digress, age is but a number anyway, right?

Aside from that, I'm feelin' this dress. It hugs all the right parts of me and makes it seem like I have curves that I never thought I had! It's quite difficult for me to find dresses that aren't too long - I mean c'mon, I wear midi dresses as maxi dress haha; so finding a dress similar to this that flatters me is rare. 
As you guys know, I'm pretty minimalist so I just styled it with an accessory or two and I'm good! 
Possible option for my birthday? Maybe.

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