Zoomies & Central Purrk

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
We finally have a cat cafe in the area and of course an avid cat admirer like me went to check it out!
There is a fee for the visit depending on how long you want to spend time with the cats. They also have a sister cafe where you can get your cup of coffee or tea right next door called Central Purrrk - the name is purr-fect isn't it?! Anyway, let's meet a few of the cats!

This is Gus, but the workers in here call him Gus Gus which is so cute! He was my favorite because he looked so elegant and chubby. He's also really chill and loves being pet around the face area. Also, he is SO soft.
He is so done with me taking pics of him hahaha
This one is Taya which is my friend's favorite.
We don't know name of this one...It was sleeping the whole time and when it woke up, it just went to another spot to sleep. We were unable to see the name tag :/
This one is funny. His name is Halo which is my other friend's favorite. He was falling asleep on her hand while she was petting him. 
Here he is playing peek-a-boo with me. He was cute too because he mimicked my head movements when I was playing with him.
There were a few more that I didn't get pictures of since the pictures turned out blurry. There was a black cat that was going really fast on the wheel and a calico cat that couldn't be bothered. We just left it alone.

My first experience was a pretty good one! Time pretty much flew by, but I enjoyed it a lot!

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