Urban Decay NAKED HEAT Palette Review

Sunday, July 30, 2017
Ever since I got myself the Naked Heat palette and posted it on my Snapchat and InstaStories, I've been getting some questions about them. I've already answered them individually, but it may be helpful for others that are too shy to ask to find out what I think of this palette.
The design is definitely the most unique and colorful out of the other NAKED palettes. It is similar to the NAKED Smokey palette which I also have (if you guys would like a review on that palette just let me know!). It's made of a durable plastic material with a holographic design. It's very sturdy and does not feel like it'll fling open like the original NAKED palette. It also comes with a double ended brush.
It comes in shades ranging from terracotta to red oranges to burgundy.
This is a very warm-toned palette.
Here I'll be showing a few more detailed swatches of shades that stood out to me:
                                                 EMBER swatch                                                 
This eyeshadow is really interesting. The overall color is shimmery bronze, but it has copper glitters in it. In some lighting it has a greenish sheen.
                                                 LUMBRE swatch                                                 
This is probably my go-to eyeshadow if I'm in the mood for something quick and shimmery.
It's a really pretty salmon-y color with tiny flecks of gold glitters.
                                                 SCORCHED swatch                                                 
This eyeshadow has the big flecks of gold glitters. It's a shimmery copper color - almost like the color of a brand new penny.
                                                 HE DEVIL swatch                                                 
The darkest red orange shade from the palette. 
The pigmentation is really good for all the shades in the palette except for the lightest shade - Ounce. During the finger swatches, I had to go over it multiple times and that was the best I can do. It's also quite hard to pick up with my brushes. I feel like the formula for these eyeshadows have changed. They feel more buttery compared to previous NAKED palettes. All of them blend out really well and I especially like using the terracotta shades (Chaser, Sauced, and Low Bow) as a blending/bluffing color. 
Pictured above is Dirty Talk, He Devil, Ashes, and Sauced. (Inner corner is Luscious from Too Faced Peach palette) 

It lasted me the whole, summer day! I thought it will fade, but it still remained almost as vibrant as it was when I left the house. 
It's my go-to palette recently. I love playing with all the different colors since I've been very into orange-y shades for the past year. This palette does not allow for a lot of variety of looks, but if you generally use the same shades, then this is a great palette for you! I'm one of those that don't stray away from my neutrals so having similar colors to play with is good enough for me. Plus, I have other palettes if I ever feel more adventurous with my looks. The one thing I think the palette is missing is a shimmery, champagne inner eye corner shade. I'm actually quite surprise that there isn't one, so for the eye looks featured I used another palette's eyeshadow instead. It would also be nice if there was a really dark matte brown or matte black shade to use as eyeliner, too. If it had those shades, it'll will be my perfect grab-and-go palette for travelling. Nonetheless, I still really love this palette!

4 comments on "Urban Decay NAKED HEAT Palette Review"
  1. Love your makeup and the colors you swatched! 🖤Ember🔥

  2. Such a nice palette, the shades look so flattering

    1. they do! it's like neutral but with a twist! <3


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