Succulents for Days

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Seriously, it was like I was in heaven. 
I was so overwhelmed with all the variety and how beautiful all of them were! I was super excited and happy. Who knew I could just find them at Home Depot?
There were so many to choose from that I spent maybe a good hour there just looking at all of them. I had like seven different ones in my basket, but I knew I didn't have much space to put them all. Also, even though they are pretty inexpensive - small amounts add up. I narrowed it down to four instead which are these:
I may or may not go back and get more...depending on how well I can take care of these first. So far so good, but let's not jinx it! 
1 comment on "Succulents for Days"
  1. Omg I didn't realize they had so many! These are adorable, especially the lil one with the red flower!


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