Somewhat typical weekend

Saturday, February 25, 2017
Cotton On top (men's) // Pacsun jeans // Converse shoes // Forever21 backpack // Eyebuydirect glasses

Bf and I decided to have a little casual date and explore the local area last weekend. We started with some Chipotle since we both haven't had it in so long; it was SO FREAKIN' DELICIOUS. Craving was satisfied! We then just went in and out stores checking out what they had. I bought something at A.C. Moore which is a craft store in case some don't know. I'm attempting a DIY. We also stopped by to get some Starbucks, of course, since it was a pretty warm day, and bf took some candid photos of me. We stumbled upon this comic book store, but didn't get to go in - it's closed on boo to that haha. Then, we just met up with bf's siblings and went to get sushi for dinner.
So yeah. This is what a typical weekend for me is like - so suburban, I know. If only we stopped buy a Target or Walmart - that will be the cherry on top!

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