Elf Cosmetics x Weylie Hoang Lush Lash Kit Review

Saturday, February 11, 2017
I got my hands on Weylie's lash collab! Her collab launch in December, I think?
I know I'm pretty late on this review, but I thought I'll still post it anyway.
These were not the easiest lashes to put on. The band was not as flexible as the Ardell lashes. The band is thicker and I believe the material used to make the lashes is plastic? I just assume it's made of that because Elf Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand. Most lashes, like Ardell lashes, are made from mink hairs.

I have never tried lashes that fanned out like this before. I've always thought that it would look too dramatic on me so I usually stray away from these. I really liked how thick it made my lashes; it subtly enhances them which makes them look really natural on my eyes. I just wished the band was a little longer, since it barely lined my upper lash line - just barely. Also, I wished that the curvature of the lashes were more - I tried curling them with my eyelash curler, but after a while it just goes back to the original.

Here are some selfie shots:

I had pretty high hopes since Weylie mentioned how these are created to suit Asian eyes so I was a bit underwhelmed. Yes, they are voluminous, but only if you look closely. From afar, you can't really tell I have fake lashes on. It also barely shows up in photos for my eyes unless I look down or to the side which isn't a big issue since I mainly look down or to the side in my photos anyway haha. I do really like how fluttery and soft they are.

I am not sure if these lashes are still available. I heard that Weylie was trying to get them restocked so it's in the works?  
I thought I'll show these same pair of lashes on a different set of eyes so you can see the comparison. Here is a photo of how they look on my sister's eyes compared to mine.

Anyway, I'm really happy for Weylie getting a chance to make her own product and sharing it with us. I was one of the O.G. subscribers back in the day and seeing her grow and become so successful makes me feel so proud of her ❤.
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