How I'm surviving my allergies

Monday, April 18, 2016
Spring is definitely here. I've been sneezing and rubbing my eyes due to itchiness for a few weeks now, but it wasn't until the beginning of last week where I got the major hit. My throat was itchy and I developed the gross, phlegm-y cough. However, within 3-5 days I'm back to almost normal, and I felt like these things I did really helped. Most of the things I do are pretty self explanatory, but I thought I'll share a few tips.
1. Cough drops
At the first sign of any throat irritation I always grab my cough drops. Usually, if it's not too bad it'll soothe my throat quite well, and it will go away.

2. Hot beverage - Water/tea with honey and lemon (lime)
Whenever, my throat is sore or if my nose is stuffy, I always gravitate towards drinking something warm. Usually I just drink hot water, but if you want some flavor you can add flavors or go the more natural route and add honey and lemon. I prefer the latter because the honey helps soothe the throat, and the lemon or lime adds a bit of vitamin C which doesn't hurt; plus, it gives the water better flavor in my opinion. Tea is also a great alternative. I recommend green tea since it contains vitamin C. Staying hydrated is really important. Try to stay away from drinks that have dairy or is too creamy. It just makes you feel more phlegmy and cough more.

3. Cough syrup
I prefer this Chinese herbal one rather than the infamous Robitussin. First off, the taste is way better in my opinion, and it has other benefits besides soothing throat irritations. It nourishes the lungs, balance heat, and keep skin "radiant" from long hours and staying up late.

4. Allergy medicine
I personally do not take any because I am allergic to most of them. Yeah, it sucks, but from those that I know that took over the counter allergy medicines, it's a win-lose. My sister have tried a bunch and none seem to work on her so I don't feel like I'm missing out.

5. Steam
Being congested is not fun, but steam really helps relieve it. Taking hot showers really soothes the stuffiness and make you realized how you've been taking breathing normally for granted haha~

I am a lot better now, but I still have a cough - not the phlegmy, gross sounding one so I'm glad. I honestly cannot wait until summer is here.

I hope you guys are doing well. 
If you are suffering from allergies, I got you. I know exactly how you feel.
4 comments on "How I'm surviving my allergies"
  1. Allergies really suck! I recently had the flu mixed with allergies during midterm season and I don't know how I survived tbh OTL The cough drops are definitely a must if you have persistent coughing and you don't want to disturb your classmates.
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  2. I didn't know you had seasonal allergies. Yeah, I hear from my friends that this season is pretty bad for them. My brother is doing fine though since we did a 1-2 week prep of allergy medicine before the spring really came.


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