Luray Cavern

Monday, March 14, 2016
We went spelunking! 
Behind us is a body of water. The water was SO clear and reflected the stalactites.
 These are pictures of Pluto's ghost at three different views from the tour. It's named that because the people who first came upon it, thought it was a ghost due to how white it was. This also signifies the middle of the cave.
 Apparently this part of the cave "sings". I recorded a short video of it down below. You have to be very quiet to hear it. I thought it sounded wonderful, and it's quite amazing what nature can do.

 The wishing well! 
The color of the water was a beautiful sea green color. We didn't have any coins so none of us made wishes :(
Overall, the tour was really interesting. 
It was about a hour long, and I got a decent work out from it!
 Ended our tour with some ice cream :)
Forever21 Jacket // ASOS Jeans // Charlotte Russe Boots // Forever21 Bag
Afterwards, we just visited the museums and did the Garden Maze.
We ended out trip with the Garden Maze which was pretty fun! So glad we did it during the day because I don't think I'll make it if it was dark haha. Lowkey felt like the mazer runner, but without the time limit and the monsters.

If you guys are feeling quite adventurous or just want to go spelunking, I recommend checking this place out. The actual cavern is more breath-taking than the pictures portray. I did bring my DSLR, but I forgot the SD card so all photos were taken from my iphone.
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