Valentine's Day with an Unexpected Twist

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This Valentine's Day, my bf and I didn't do anything special. We basically spent it like a normal weekend with the exception of me baking something. I honestly don't bake much so it's always a treat when I do. My bf loves it, so it makes me happy~. 
I made this from a box and tried my best to decorate it to look more Valentine-y. It's my first time making roses with frosting and it was pretty hard since I didn't get the frosting pipe/bag. Also, I think the frosting I chose was a poor choice since it was way too soft. (I got whipped frosting since it's my favorite). Nonetheless, I think I did pretty good for my first attempt haha. I just ended up putting them in the fridge to chill a bit so the frosting will harden a little.

After I gave my cake and cup cakes to bf, we went out to our local pho place to eat which as become a weekly tradition. We also stopped by Sally Beauty to restock my purple shampoo and conditioner; that was it! Yeah, pretty mundane, but then something happened that evening.

The Unexpected Twist

I'm pretty sure y'all skipped everything and only read this part lol. I wasn't sure if I should post about this, but I feel like it's something I should address.

 So here's the story: I got a DM on instagram from someone telling me that someone has been using my pictures to catfish her. At first I thought it was a spam thing until I was sent screenshots of the account instead of a link. I don't think I'll go in much detail, but in a nutshell, it was a guy who used my pictures to pretend to be his girlfriend and in turn used the pretend girlfriend to get close to this girl on Instagram whom he knows in real life and have been stalking online. This whole incident was informed to me from the girl who was being "stalked". There was a fake account with my pictures and the guy had pictures of me on his account, too. I looked through the screenshots of the accounts and noticed that most of the pictures the person used were from this blog. Long story short, everything was taken cared of and that fake instagram account and the pictures of the guy's account is now deleted. I don't know exactly what went down between the two, but I'm glad it's over.

This came as such a surprise to me because it was a lot to take in, and I was a bit scared. I didn't understand why anyone would do that especially with my photos, and it makes me want to watermark all my photos again which I honestly don't want to because it's a distraction to the picture. I know it's pretty inevitable since this is the internet and anything you post is "out there", but I just want to let you all know that if you ever see any of my pictures posted anywhere else aside from my social media accounts (which is all "uhhsandy" by the way) that those accounts are not mine and would really appreciate it if you would let me know. This is the first time (that I'm aware of anyway) that this has happened to me and hopefully, it would be the last, but honestly, who really knows?

But all in all, I'm just really glad that everything was done and resolved with within two days.

P.S. - One thing I want to add is during this incident is that I googled some things and found that there is a wiki-how page to help people pretend to have a girlfriend. There are step-by-step instructions! This makes me sick and I tried to report that page, but there is no report option. I just...can't. Be careful guys. If it happened to me, it might happen to you, too.

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