Apple Roses

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Valentine's Day is this coming Sunday! I thought I'll share how I made these Apple Roses which I think is quite appropriate for the occasion. It was pretty impromptu so most of the ingredients we had to substitute.

Overall, we mostly followed the Tasty food video recipe, but we substituted red delicious with gala apples and the lemon with an orange since we didn't have lemons. We knew that we just needed the acidity of the citruses.  
We also didn't have puff pastries or butter or shortening so we used this recipe for the dough part.
Again, we improvised and substituted canola oil with vegetable oil.

I understand that it was a pie crust so we couldn't roll it up with the fruit preservative. I ended up putting it in a gallon bag and kneading it a bit to get a smooth flat dough and then cut it into 12 pieces for the muffin tin. We also substituted the fruit preservative with a sugary paste - water, sugar, and flour. (You can use brown sugar if you prefer. I actually think it would have tasted even better with brown sugar instead of white sugar, but we totally forgot). We just eye-balled it until we got the consistency we wanted. We just placed it on top of the dough piece so the apple roses will stick better onto it. 
Also, don't forget to oil the tin and sprinkle flour on it so it won't stick to it. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top if you would like before baking.

After that, I popped it in the oven (375 degrees) for 30 minutes. Just make sure the crust is cooked and you're all good! 

For the finishing touch, I sprinkled some more cinnamon on top. You can use powdered sugar if you have it laying around, too.

Moment of truth
The crust ended up being a bit salty, but it still tasted really good! I ate it with some pancakes and syrup, and it was delish!

So happy I got to try to bake something new. It was really fun for me to make the roses - quite therapeutic, and I can't believe the dish turned out so well even when I improvised and substituted so many things! Feeling quite proud to be honest~

Let me know if you try making these! 
Of course, you don't need to follow my recipe since I used so many substitutions, the Tasty video one is simple and easy to follow if you have all the necessary ingredients.

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