New Glasses

Thursday, January 21, 2016
Well, it's not really new new, since I've had it since September. I just keep forgetting to blog about it. #storyofmylife
Glasses: glassesusa || Top: ootdfash || Lips: colourpop trap
I got these glasses at GlassesUSA. I've been trying to find a good pair of prescriptive clear frames for the longest time - I think since my National Pink Day post. I somehow stumbled upon this online retailer and took advantage of the promotions. It also has free returns and shipping so I didn't really have anything to lose, but to try it out, especially since they had the clear frames in the size I was looking for. I wanted it to be a bit oversized to compensate for my lack of a nose bridge since glasses and sunglasses usually slip down on me anyway. Saves me some trouble of always pushing it up to see better. The only thing I'll change about it is the temple length of the glasses since it is a little too long for me, but nonetheless

I adore these glasses!

I love how I can style it with anything. It can be edgy or boho and everything in between. Also, because the frames are clear, it doesn't overwhelm my face too much or makes it seem like I'm hiding behind these glasses. The quality is really great, too. It's not light and plastic-like; there is a bit of weight to them which I like. I would totally recommend!
3 comments on "New Glasses "
  1. your glasses look supppppper adorable on you omg !!! perfect choice x luv it ♥♥♥

  2. the glasses look cute on you! love the clear framing

    Also, if you can check out my blog , it would make my day! thanks!



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