Early birthday dinner

Friday, September 18, 2015
Forever21 Dress | Charlotte Russe Heels | Forever21 Necklace 
(Only clear picture of me that looked decent)

I only ate the inside of the bread because I couldn't chew the hard crust haha (still recovering from wisdom teeth surgery), but bf ate it for me because he likes it.
Calamari fritte and Frozen bellini swirl
Chef's Special (I don't remember the name and it's not on the online menu) with a side of garlic mashed potatoes
Fettuccini alfredo
Creme brulee
Complimentary dessert for my birthday!
I didn't eat the leaves of course, just made this bite look pretty for the shot. 
(*~*~typically blogger aesthetic~*~)

To start off the birthday festivities (my actual birthday is September 18), bf took me to a nice candlelit dinner at Maggiano's. I had fun getting dressed up and looking nice for the occasion. (TBH I always love dressing up for anything haha). This is my first time at this restaurant, even though I passed by it so often. The food was pretty average in my opinion, but the service was incredible! There were actually quite a lot of birthdays when we went - at least four including mine.

Be on the lookout for a full feature of my outfit! (maybe)


7 comments on "Early birthday dinner"
  1. It's the 18th now here, so happy birthday to you!!! You looked so beautiful and the restaurant seems really nice!! ^_^

  2. Happy birthday!! :) You look amazing! New follower here- just wanted to say that I love your hair color; I want to dye my hair a similar color someday haha x

    A S T A E R O I D

  3. Happy birthday dear Sandy ^_^
    You look gorgeous in that dress and
    this place has lovely fooooood!
    Xx Ice Pandora

  4. Happy belated birthday!
    Looks like you had a pretty awesome bday :)


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