Klenspop Circle Lens Review: EOS Jewel Brown

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Hello! As you can tell from the title, today I will be doing a circle lens review. It feels like ages since I last did one. This time around I will be reviewing EOS's Jewel Brown that was sent to me by Klenspop. Klenspop offers a variety of circle lenses and most of them have prescriptive degrees.

Brand: EOS 
Diameter: 14mm 
Water Content: 38% 
Base Curve: 8.6mm 
Life Span: 1 year (Max) 
Country of origin: South Korea

The design is the usual gradient sunburst. The outer limbal ring is a purpley-brown color which is the first I've seen and it fades inward to a golden brown. Because the outer ring is not as thick or dark, it appears quite natural. The overall appearance of the lenses on my eyes are a reddish brown. The colors used definitely enhanced my natural iris color.

Very comfortable. It does not irritate my eyes and I am able to wear it the whole day without major discomfort. Like all circle lenses, I don't recommend wearing for more than 8 hours and to apply eye drops when it's needed. 

These lenses are 14mm which are pretty standard for normal contacts. If you don't particularly like a dramatic enlargement, then these are the lenses for you! They do enlarge slightly which is perfect for my preferences!

OVERALL:  (4.5)
I would have given these lenses 5 stars, but I tend to like my brown lenses to be have a yellow/beige base rather than red. They do, however, enhance my normal brown irises to give them a bit of sparkle. Definitely recommend these, if you want a bit of sparkle in your eyes without it looking too unnatural.

I hope this review was helpful!
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Do you guys have any circle lenses recommendations or lenses you are curious about and would like for me to check out? Let me know!

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4 comments on "Klenspop Circle Lens Review: EOS Jewel Brown"
  1. These lenses look gorgeous! I don't see any red in it, but that might be my monitor, though I still like them a lot. By the way, your brows are on point ^_~

    1. Thank you! I always like compliments on my brows hehe ^^v


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