Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Kimchi Doll and Rodeo Drive Review

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
I finally have the time to type up this review. 
So for those that don't know, Sophia Chang aka fashionista804 launched her own lipstick called Kimchi Doll with Gerard Cosmetics a while back. I managed to snag myself one with her signature! I got the two-pack deal and I chose Rodeo Drive to be my second lipstick. 
I was so excited to try her lip color out since it looked so good on her.
 Also, I wanted to support a fellow 804er. 
I absolutely love the packaging. These gold bullets look so classy.

Swatches of both colors

Kimchi doll is a peachy-nude color with a creme to matte finish. It does have the typical sweet makeup scent which I am usually not too fond of, but it does go away. I found this color somewhat hard to apply. The formula is a bit drying so if your lips are not completely smooth and hydrated, any cracks or dead lip skins will be very visible which isn't attractive. To minimize this, I recommend to do a lip scrub before hand or actually pick off any dead skins. (Yeah, it's kind of gross, but it works, too!) Also, because this color washes me out, I like adding a gloss on top to give me a bit of color and to reduce the likeliness of seeing any cracks or dryness. Other than that, I find it to be quite long lasting and a very pretty nude to wear. I feel like it gives my look a bit of "sexiness". One last tip for this lip color, I do not recommend layering too much because it will end up looking messy. Trust me, I've experimented and learned haha. I would go at most two layers and on the second layer I would dab on the color instead of swiping.

Rodeo Drive was my second pick because I love mauve-y pinks. This is a great "my-lips-but-better-shade". The formula is slightly different compared to Kimchi Doll. The finish is creme with a bit of a satin sheen. This also has a typical sweet makeup scent. The color is a lot easier to apply since the color is basically an enhance version of my natural lip color; however, it is still more drying than other lipsticks I have tried. Again, I will still recommend to hydrate and make your lips smooth before applying any lipsticks. I would say that these Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks are a little less forgiving on dry and chapped lips, but because of the lack of moisture, it does help extend the longevity of these lipsticks. I do find that this color is a lot easier to layer to create a more vibrant color, and it wears nicely throughout the day. It creates a nice stain on the lips. 

I hope these two lipstick reviews were helpful! 
I believe Sophia (fashionista804) has a discount code on her channel if you are interested in purchasing these. Please check her out :)

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