Saturday, April 18, 2015
Back with another Rocksbox post. This is my third box so far. Please let me know if you guys want me to post each set I get to try or just mention pieces that I really liked/loved instead since there have been a lot of other bloggers that have this monthly subscription as well and I don't want to bore you guys haha.
This box came with a cute quote that is now on my wall. :)

SLATE Golden Flair Necklace
(correct way to wear it)

(incorrect way to wear it, but I personally like it worn this way)

(close up)

This necklace was a miss for me. It was just too bulky for my liking. Also, like most of the statement necklaces I've tried in my previous boxes, this necklace was great quality so it was made with some heavy materials; however, because most of the details were focused in the center instead of distributed more evenly, it just felt uncomfortable for me to wear. It was also an award length on me so all in all, not too fond of this piece, but that's okay because I can easily return it and try something else! One of the awesome things about Rocksbox :).

 Margaret Elizabeth Teardrop Bangle in Labradorite
This bracelet is very pretty and it's malleable just like the previous bracelet I tried. I believe there are other colors for the stone/gem besides this one so if you're interested in trying this bangle, you can specify what color you would like to try. I think there is a white, pink, and this greyish one. Even though it's a very pretty piece, I just don't think it's really "me", but I was more than happy to try it out.

Gorjana Pristine Circle Stud Earrings
Even though the first two were a miss for me, these earrings made it up! These earrings were stunning! They are 18k gold plated stud earrings with paved crystals. They're simple and dainty, but also have some pizazz to them. I actually purchased this piece because I loved it that much. I also got it for a very affordable price because Rocksbox girls get an insider price, plus, Shine Spend (free monthly $10 to spend which expires when the month ends) and Forever Spend (dollars that doesn't "expire" and can use whenever you want).
I think these are going to be everyday earrings for me.

For those that are confused with how to purchase a piece that you really want to keep, you just keep it and send the rest of the pieces back. You can either go online and make the purchase or just keep it and Rocksbox will bill it to you. If you have Shine Spend and/or Forever Spend, it will automatically be deducted from the purchase. Because of that I got it for almost half of it's original retail value which is a great deal!

If you want to hop on the Rocksbox bandwagon, don't forget to use [ uhhsandyxoxo ] if you want your first month free!


5 comments on "ROCKSBOX #3"
  1. That tear drop bangle looks like it's right down my alley! The shape and colour looks very interesting and sorta unique to me. I'm just scared of these subscriptions that might make canceling a bit difficult! I've heard my fair share of horror stories about them :(!

    You don't bore us Sandy :x

    Anne Bee xo

    1. Aw, thank Anne! I'm happy I don't bore you haha <3

      It's actually quite easy to cancel for Rocksbox. When you first sign up you can choose how many months you would like to have it along with a style quiz so the pieces will be curated specially for you by their stylist. Also, your subscription ends when you return your last box before the next renewal date. They have a very helpful FAQ page ( that you can check out before you decide to try Rocksbox or not :).

  2. the necklace isn't really my thing, but I love the bracelet and the earrings! super cute!


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