Happy 5 years to us!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
 Basil Drunken Noodles with Chicken; Saigon Steak
Betcha didn't see that I dropped some rice in the first picture of me! Or did you?

LOL I asked bf to pose and he just freezes.

Fried ice cream! This is bf's first time trying this dish and he loves it :)
Wind messed up bf's hair in the second polaroid haha

 We didn't do much for our five year anni (April 19th), but we spent the whole day together which is always great. He's been busy with work and school since the semester is ending, and I've been busy with what I do so we don't get to spend whole days together as much anymore. 
For our lunch date, we went to 7 Stars which is an Asian fusion type of restaurant. This was both our first times trying this place and it was very nice! The whole mood and interior decor were very "chill". The purple lighting made it feel very "underground/clubbing-like yet elegant" if that makes any sense? I'm so bad at describing this place... All I can say is that it's a VERY NICE place; food was good, too! 
After we stuffed our faces, we just stopped by Five Below just to see what it has and the mall to walk a bit to digest the foods we ate. 
We then went to Dave and Buster's to play and just hang out and enjoyed ourselves.

I'm going to spare you guys from all my cheesy stuff because I'll get embarrassed, but bf knows how much he means to me and we both love and appreciate each other very much 


8 comments on "Happy 5 years to us!"
  1. Aww you two are so cute!! Your polaroids came out amazing as well >O< I took one today of a flower tree and it wasn't good lol >.< The food looks amazing as well *O*

    Jessie @ bijou-heart: Newest Post~ Week in a Nutshell and Poems

    1. Thank you ^^. It takes some experimenting with the settings to figure out what each does so you'll get it right eventually!

  2. Awww happy 5 years anniversary Sandy ^____^
    the picture of your BF made me laugh abit :')

  3. Super adorable the two of you ^^ Happy 5 years!!

  4. I say this every single year. You guys have been dating for like forever. Anyway, happy 5 years!


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