Monday, March 9, 2015
Hey guys! Today I'll be introducing a monthly subscription box by Rocksbox. This is my first subscription box so I was excited to see what I'll get!

First off, Rocksbox is a loan/rental based subscription box. The first thing you do is to take a style quiz so Rocksbox can figure out what your style is and/or your special requests (ex: hypoallergenic, 14k+ earrings, etc). After that, they will curate your box of goodies just for you! 

They included a lovely little note which was really nice!

Each box contains three pieces of jewelry that you can try out before you buy. If you end up liking a certain piece and can't part with it, then you can purchase it. You just keep that piece or pieces and return the other(s); the piece/pieces you keep will be billed to you. The other side of the note has the name and cost for each item. Also, each month members get $10 in Shine Spend to use so you can take advantage of that! There are other ways to earn extra money (Forever Spend) here that you guys can check out and get familiar with. 

If you end up not loving any of them or want to try new jewelry, you can easily return them and another box will be sent to you. Just return everything in their packaging.

All you need to pay is $19 a month, and you you can return your box for an unlimited amount of time within that month! It will not cost extra, and each box contains a prepaid label for members to stick on and send back.

Now that you guys get the gist of what Rocksbox is all about, here are the pieces I received for my first box!
PERRY STREET Abby Necklace in Black Crystal
Absolutely love the gorgeous gemstones! It looks so extravagant and can dress up any outfit!

SOPHIE HARPER Pave Bar Bracelet
Really love this little dainty piece, and the little detail at the clasp is such an adorable touch! 
Unfortunately, it's a big too loose for my wrist so I wore a watch to prevent it from slipping off which isn't that bad :)

GORJANA Greer V-Neck Necklace
This simple necklace is definitely the most "me" piece. I LOVE the style and design, but the gold is a little to yellow for me in person. I think it would look better on me if I was more tan haha, but nonetheless, I really love the simplicity.

I think Rocksbox have chosen the perfect pieces that fits my style! Don't you think so? 

If you guys are interested in this monthly subscription box, I have a code [ uhhsandyxoxo ] that will give you the first month free! This code is valid from today until April 7, 2015. After this date, the code will always be effective for 50% off the first month.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below or check out Rocksbox's FAQ.

6 comments on "ROCKSBOX"
  1. that necklace is gorgeous! great to dazzle any plain dress or outfit

  2. Love those necklaces! Especially the last simple and dainty one!

  3. I love the items you got in your rocksbox! I'm waiting on my next box to arrive!
    Alexis @

    1. Thanks! I've currently waiting for my next box to arrive, too. :)


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