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Sunday, March 22, 2015
We went to this little cafe to grab some brunch with the 4 of us. This was most of our first time trying this place. It was quite chill and hipster-y.
"How come mine doesn't look as pretty?" (Right)

French Toast with fruits and Golden Milk Latte

The aftermath

The french toast was pretty good; the texture was drier than I expected. I'm also used to eating french toast with the thick, square bread slice whereas this place makes it with English muffin? I am not sure, but it was something new. I should have gotten something more savory since savory foods can usually never go wrong for me, but I enjoy trying new things. :) Also, I wasn't too fond of my drink. I thought it would be more like a milk tea latte, but it was more gingery and chai-like. I should have asked what was in it before I ordered, but hey, at least I know what it taste like now haha. I ended up giving it to my cousin. 

After eating, we drew something on the chalkboard wall.

"Will twerk 4 coffee" 

F21 Jacket | Pacsun Jeans | Pacsun Top | H&M shoes
I didn't draw the girls. It was already there beforehand so I decided to draw what one of the girl thought...
Finn & Jake!
Overall, this was a pretty nice place to chill and grab a bite! The service people were really nice, and did a good job cleaning up the area. We were there for about a hour and the tables around us were wiped at least 2-3 times even when nobody used it. I'm glad I got to try a few new things which was one of my New Year Resolution this year - go on more adventures/try out new places. (Speaking of which, I haven't been really doing a good job, but I'm trying aha).


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  1. wow that place looks really nice, I'm looking for nice coffee places to hang out around where I live too. Too bad there isn't much of a selection.

    1. I'm sure you can find some on yelp or something. I was introduced to this place by my cousin.


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