Tuesday, February 17, 2015
F21 Coat | F21 Faux fur scarf | F21 Sweater | Sears Leggings | Charlotte Russe Boots

It's such a beautiful day!

We received about a foot of snow last night, and thankfully, all of it stuck around. Everything looks so pretty covered in snow. This was not the first snow fall for this year, but it was definitely the most snow yet! It's supposed to snow again tomorrow afternoon so I'm kind of keeping my fingers crossed that work will be cancelled, but I'm still doubtful. Hopefully, the roads will be safer to drive if I do need to show up.

Stay warm.


4 comments on "OOTD: SNOW DAY"
  1. I really like your outfit! Seems like you guys got more snow than up here. We were kind of disappointed :(

  2. Such a cute and playful post! Good to see you having fun in the freezing cold!
    It only snowed a tiny bit in London, I do love a good wave of snow where everything is white - it looks magical!
    Love your coat!




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