NYC Trip IVa: Last Food Adventures (Ajisen Noodle)

Friday, January 16, 2015
This was going to be my last post for my NYC Trip back in December, but I decided to split it up some more because I think it will flow better that way. 

Last year I took a picture of the outside of this place because it had the food displays out front. I think that was a really great way to draw in customers; it definitely drawn us in! We didn't have enough time last year so I was really happy we got the chance to try it the more recent time we were in NYC. 
It was my bf and mine first time eating ramen in a restaurant. We all ordered the Ajisen one because it was the specialty? I don't really remembered why.
It was pretty good; I wasn't wow-ed by it but it was good for my first time. I think it tasted better spicy; bf and I added some hot sauce in it and pepper flakes. There was actually quite a lot in the bowl and I couldn't finish it. I gave the rest of mine to bf haha. I had already eaten a couple of Vietnamese spring rolls before we got to Ajisen Noodle so my appetite wasn't as big as it's supposed to be ahaha~
I will probably go here again next time I'm in NYC to try out the other things it has.


3 comments on "NYC Trip IVa: Last Food Adventures (Ajisen Noodle)"
  1. Looks like fun! :D I definitely am on some adventure on trying out various ramen places and I will look into that suggestion when I head over to NYC in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    Lee //

  2. Ooh so much tasty looking food - I love a good ramen!


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