Happy 2015!

Monday, January 5, 2015

HAPPY 2015! 
I hoped y'all are having a good start to the new year.

I'm finally back again for a new post. I had trouble figuring out what I want my first post to be for the new year hence making me indecisive and then a week had already passed - whoops.

Like everyone else, that doesn't think New Year Resolutions are cliche, I have a few New Year Resolutions I hope to keep for 2015.

1. Read more books
Okay, for those that know me, they know that I don't like to read books. I don't exactly know when I started to hate reading, but for as long as I remembered - I did not like it. I think my hatred for reading (books) is due to the public school system making us read all these books that was hard to understand. I remembered trying to read Pinocchio and Charlotte's Web in like 5th grade, and I had no idea what the book was truly about. I read, but I did not understand. For as long as I remembered, I felt like my reading and understanding level was usually not up to par with people my age. I still did well in school though; mainly due to my work ethics because I guess I'm what they call a "try-hard" and because I won't accept failure aha. Hey, it worked!

Anyway, I picked these books up from Target and Barnes&Noble on Saturday. I guess this is a pretty good depiction of what kind of books I like. I love anything that's about fairytales and astrology/horoscope. If you guys have any book recommendations, please let me know! It doesn't have to be similar to these books I have, just a good read or your favorite book would be great!

2. Go on more adventures and explore!
This year, I really want to make this happen. I want to try out new places like the nearby vintage shop that I always drive passed, but never went into or the new donut shop that just opened down the block. I want to go out of town to other places besides New York and NOVA. I want new adventures! And of course, I will bring my camera along to document and share these new adventures and places I hope to go to. 

3. Update this blog and youtube more frequently
I say I want to do this all the time so now I came up with some more specifics so I will at least have a flexible guideline. I am going to try to post a blog entry twice a week and upload a youtube video at least twice a month. I think that sounds reasonable, right?
I am planning on getting a MAC desktop soon so hopefully, it will be a lot easier this year. I will probably save enough by February so *fingers crossed* I will update y'all on that!

Those are my major resolutions for this year.
What are some of your New Year Resolutions?

P.S. - For the next week or so I will be revamping my blog layout/template, so I'm sorry if my blog looks odd or things are hard to find. Please bare with me. 


4 comments on "Happy 2015!"
  1. I've always loved to read but definitely school has made me hate certain books. More specifically The Catcher in the Rye. I have a deep hatred for that book. Anyway, you should come to my part of NOVA. You guys never venture out west.

    1. I thought The Catcher in the Rye was okay lol.
      Maybe one day!
      We've been wanting to go out west, but it's a lot more expensive and usually we don't have that many days we can take off to travel that far hence why most of our NYC trips are just a weekend. But it is a new year so maybe this year will be different!

  2. I totally agree with these new year's resolutions. Good luck with keeping up with them - and happy 2015!



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