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Monday, December 15, 2014
The bf and I went to pick up some random snacks earlier this weekend, and I thought I'll share what we got and just ramble about a few things.
Don't Asian snacks have the cutest packaging??
(Oh, I'll explain the ceramic spoons later on~)

Seriously though, seaweed snacks are so addicting...but don't worry, I don't eat them too often, and I always share it with others.

I actually saw a whole shelf of Asian box drinks like this and this melon flavored one caught my eyes. I didn't want to get a full six pack because I have no idea how it will taste. Luckily, there were singles in the refrigerator so I picked it up to try. GOOD THING, I didn't get the six pack. I didn't like it very much; it was a bit too sweet for me, and I guess I was not as fond of the melon flavor as I would have hoped. LOL.

Did you guys remember these??
Brings back so many memories~ I remembered one of my aunts always had these at her house and whenever we go over she would offer me and my siblings some. And you know the rice paper that it's wrapped in? My siblings and I would spend our time trying to peel it off because we didn't like it haha, even though it was edible. Did you guys do that?

As for the spoons, I am currently doing a little experiment, and if it works out then I'll let y'all know about it! 

Hoped you guys like this little random post!

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  1. Asian snacks <3 and those Bunny creamy milk candies
    totally brings up memories c; I did like the edible rice paper!


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