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Monday, December 8, 2014
All items are listed here.

The main item I hope to get is either a desktop or a laptop because I don't have one... I might be getting it later in April since that's when computers and laptops are the best deals so I still have time to save up!

Everything else has been on my wanting list for a while so I'll eventually get them.

What do you guys want for Christmas?
I'm just curious to know.

P.S. Sorry I haven't been doing a good job with BLOGMAS. I'm still trying. Maybe this year I'll only posts during weekdays and give myself (and maybe y'all) a break on weekends? 


2 comments on "My Christmas Wishlist | BLOGMAS"
  1. Those USBs are so cute! Oooh you plan on getting a macbook? I posted my wishlist on my blogger although it's mostly stuff I will buy myself because waaaaah I'm an adult now and I don't get gifts :(

    1. LOL. Same. Most of the wishlists I make are just things I plan on getting myself in the future.


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