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Monday, December 8, 2014
Today's posts is just going to be a very short haul of items I got at my local Walgreens, and I guess a bit of my experience.

I haven't been to a Walgreens in probably over a year or so. I stopped by a nearby one last weekend with my parents who wanted something there. We came out with way more things than we intended. We got a bunch of toothpaste and other stuff that is not pictured. I only took pictures of items I got. 
I have never tried any of these products. I just picked them up since they were really good deals! If you guys would like me to review them, then let me know at the comments!

Some may already know, but for those that don't, Walgreens' rewards card and points are so great! If you want to save money on drug store makeup or beauty items and/or experience some extreme couponing, then try going to Walgreens! My family had no idea about this until one of the sales clerks came up to my sister and I and told us about all these discounts and to go to her counter after we got everything so she can give them to us. I swear, we got almost $70 worth of stuff and only had to pay a little under $40! Sorry, I sound too excited about this, but it's always good to save~

So yeah, hope this has helped those that want to save a few bucks on some products.
If you do decide to go after reading about this, let me know what good deals you guys got!

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