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Tuesday, December 2, 2014
I know I already missed my first day for BLOGMAS - oops, but that means I'll be posting twice today!
I thought I'll start Blogmas off with a little photo set and recap of Thanksgiving since it came pretty late this year. 

I just realized this seem very Christmas-y with the colors of these photos, what I wore, and the lights...
I guess it's really that time of the year now!
Most of the food pictures I had were on Snapchat and I forgot to save all of them...#FAIL. One of the cons of Snapchat. Oh, if you would like to add me it's "uhhsandy"!
This year I had three Thanksgivings. Yes, you read correctly haha - THREE. My family and relatives had an early Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday. It was potluck - vegetarian style!

On Thanksgiving Day, I spent it at my bf's relatives; we had a traditional American Thanksgiving lunch buffet-styled. At 6PM we started our "Black Friday" shopping. We didn't get much at first, we mostly just walked around the mall and admired the lights and discover all the new renovated areas. It was fun! Bf and his sisters had to leave early so I spend the rest of my time with my cousins and siblings. For dinner we ate at Denny's since it was one of the only diners that were opened and it has become a tradition to go there every year for "Black Friday."

On actual Black Friday around 9:30AM, my sister and I went to Forever21 to see what they had. Not much were on sale so we didn't get much. (I will be doing a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul when I get everything so stay tuned for that!) We had brunch at Whole Foods and again I snapchatted the food we ate and forgot to save it .

On Sunday my family had a mini post-Thanksgiving lunch. We invited my bf's family over to eat and got to play with his niece and nephew. They're so cute! Also, I think my dad makes the best turkey and gravy hehe. Yum yum~

So how was your Thanksgiving and Black Friday?


4 comments on "Mini Recap of Thanksgiving and Black Friday | BLOGMAS"
  1. Ohh these are such beautiful photos Sandy~ ^ 3 ^
    Here in Australia we do not celebrate Thanksgiving unfortunately! ^ ___ ^

  2. oh hey, what's that nice looking place with the fireplace and the chess set?

    1. oh my gosh is that what all that construction eventually turned out looking? I haven't seen it yet!


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