Just Beyond the God of Patch Bye-bye Panda Eyes Review

Thursday, November 6, 2014
I got this on sasa.com a long time ago. I bought two of them and I had already used one a long time ago, too, and forgot to make a review. I tried to find the link for it on sasa, but it appears that they don't sell it anymore so I linked the actual brand's website. I am not sure where you guys will be able to get this besides maybe in South Korea...but I will update this post if I find a place that sells this.

Now on to the review!

The packaging is very cute. It also has helpful instructions for how to use it.
This jelly-like piece is what you apply under the eyes. There is two of them.

How it looks like when applied:

When applied, there was a cool sensation. There is no tingling or stinging; it just feel very cool and relaxing. There is also a slight tightening or suctioning feeling when I have it on which is pretty cool. It makes me feel like it's working! 

The instruction said to leave for 20-40 minutes so I left it on for the maximum amount of time. After 40 minutes, I took it off and noticed that all the "jelly" was gone. I guess they were absorbed into my skin! I thought that was pretty awesome.

Here is a comparison photo:

The first thing I noticed was how hydrated the area was. It was also a little puffy so the creases under my eyes were reduced a little bit, but I know it's not permanent. It did brighten up the dark circles a bit, too but not dramatically.

Here's what it claimed to do:
"Designed exclusively for the eye area, this certified whitening patch delivers highly enriched natural whitening ingredients to sagging skin around the eyes and its dark shadow reaching to the chin, instantly boosting suppleness and radiance."

So in conclusion, there was an instant "boosting of suppleness and radiance" which I suppose is the "puffiness" I witness afterwards so I guessed it does what it claimed. I was hoping for a more dramatic difference, (I know, a bit ridiculous for a one time use, but a girl can hope!) but I think the mask did a good job for this one time use :). I feel like after multiple uses, I will start to notice a better difference. Next time I buy eye masks, I'll definitely stock up a few just in case!

I'm still on the look out for some nice eye masks or eye creams that can lighten my dark circles and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area so if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!

Like always, I hope this review was helpful!
Also, I realized that I've been posting a lot of reviews lately, I will try to mix it up for my next post! If you have anything else you want to see on my blog or video ideas please let me know!
Hope you guys are having a wonderful day/night :).

4 comments on "Just Beyond the God of Patch Bye-bye Panda Eyes Review"
  1. I love the freebie eye mask they give you huehuehue! Idk, if I can splurge on a under eye mask often, but if it's like a few times every few months I would XD!

    ❤Lovely Anne❤

    1. Oh, it wasn't a freebie lol. I didn't get any freebies. I actually bought everything in the picture separately that on my own. I thought those items will make the layout look more cute...aha. These eye masks weren't that pricey tho. It was definitely under $5

  2. I think these panda eye patches (cuuute!) did a pretty
    good job for something after 1 usage! Xx


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