Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask Review

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
I finally got a chance to try out one of Lush's Fresh Face Mask - 

If you don't already know, Lush do not sell most of its face masks online. Its masks are made fresh with natural ingredients so there is an expiration date. I believe the only one that does not have an expiration date is the Mask of Magnaminty in the bigger container since I saw it in store that it was "self-preserving." I think it's new.

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask Review

LOVE the packaging. It's so sleek! It's also nice to know that it's made with recycled materials and has all the information a customer needs to know about it's product, promotions, instructions, and etc.

This mask is made with banana, oats, almonds, and vanilla so it smells really good! I think it smells like a granola bar. The consistency is quite gritty because of the oats and almonds which is new to me since most of the masks I've tried are gel-like, clay-like or are sheet masks. When I applied this Oatifix mask, it looks a bit gross on the face - almost like boogers (LOL!). Also, there is a lot of product in the container. Pictured is after three uses and for all three times a generous amount was applied to the face.

"Sensitive, dry or irritated faces love Oatifix for its calming oats, softening mashed banana and ground almonds to slough away flaky skin."

During application, I noticed that certain parts of my face stung a little; mostly my cheeks. I assumed it was like that because that's where I have redness and one of the driest part of my face. The stinging sensation went away after a little bit. When I washed off the mask with lukewarm water, I could immediately feel a difference with the texture of my skin. It felt almost like I had a layer of something on to protect it. It was a little weird because this layer did not feel greasy or anything. I guess this is what maximum hydration for my skin feels like? It's really hard to explain without letting you guys touch it.

This mask is definitely hydrating! I recommend this face mask for those that have extremely dry, flaky skin. I think the hydration is a bit much for my skin type (dry/normal). I was able to go about 2-3 days without any type of moisturizer. I found that if I use a moisturizer after this mask or any other day following, it makes my face feel greasy and oily. The hydration for my skin lasts about 2-3 days.
Also, if you are not a frequent face mask user, I recommend sharing it with friends. I shared it with two other people which totaled 6-7 uses. I used this mask four times before it expired and it was bought three weeks before the expiration date; there was still a lot left...
Will I repurchase this?
I am not sure. It depends how my skin is later in winter, but the next face mask I want to try is the Catastrophe Cosmetic. Hopefully, my local Lush store will have that one in stock next time I go. I was going to get the Catastrophe Cosmetic instead of the Oatifix, but I'm still glad I tried it. :)

Hope this review was helpful~
Feel free to leave any questions or recommendations in the comments below!

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10 comments on "Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask Review"
  1. The ingredients all look so healthy and organic!! Almonds and Bananas!!!

    To be able to go on 2-3 days without moisturiser too, sounds very good ^___^

    Since I get dry skin! I'll definitely check this out when I get a chance to visit my local Lush store!

    Thanks for the great review!

    恵美より ♥

  2. Lol this must smells like breakfast ha :P
    Glad it works well for you Sandy!

  3. Wow, I have horribly flaky skin in the winter. This is a lifesaver, thanks! Do you think I'd be able to make a homemade mask with the banana, oats, almonds, and vanilla?

    1. I remembered that my mom used to do banana masks on herself so I don't see why not?!

  4. I quite like a lot of Lush face masks, and I am now tempted to try this out! But I feel so rushed to use the mask before it expires.

    1. LOL that's how I felt, too! Try to split it with a family member or friend so you guys can get more uses out of it!

  5. lol if you think that looks like boogers, you should see the ayesha mask.

    1. oh boy haha~
      i might try that mask one day :)


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