Uniqso Circle Lens: Puffy Three Tone Violet Review

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Today I will be sharing a circle lens review from one of my favorite circle lens sites - Uniqso
They are known for their cute packaging so of course I will have to include a picture of it, too. 
I bought these lenses a long time ago and finally opened it up. I have previously tried this series and it's one of my favs! You can check out my review on the Puffy 3 Tone Grey and Puffy 3 Tone Blue. This time it will be on the Violet ones! I've never tried violet circle lenses before so this is my first time.

Taken at direct, natural window lighting and with flash on the last one

The design is a radial burst that blends in well with all the colors shown (grey, violet, and gold). This is my favorite circle lens design because the colors blend together really well, and it looks the most natural. The color of these lenses is a gorgeous purple/violet. Depending on the lighting, the color ranges from a dark grey-ish purple/violet or very vibrant purple/violet. 

These are around 14.5mm. The enlargement is slightly more than what I usually wear, but it still give a "natural" enlargement. The faint grey outline of these lenses make it look less alien-ish. Because of how it looks in my eyes, I need to wear make-up to balance out the overwhelming enlargement. 

The Puffy 3 tone series of one of the most comfortable 14.5mm circle lenses series I've tried so of course these lenses will not disappoint! I haven't worn contacts or circle lenses in well over a month, and I was able to wear these lenses for the whole day (~ 8 hours) with no problem. They felt so comfortable and I was so amazed of how clear my vision can actually be haha. 

Taken indoors with natural window lighting from the side

OVERALL★★★★★/☆ (4.5)
The only reason I gave it 4.5/5 is because the enlargement was a bit to much for my liking. I prefer lenses that are a lot more natural and will look okay with little to no makeup, but other than that little preference of mine, I definitely recommend these lenses and the other colors in this series. They have a "natural" enlargement and the color pay off of the lenses are great! The violet actually shows up in my brown eyes really well. They are perfect for cosplays and everyday wear, too. The comfort is also one of the best for the size. If you are a beginner wearer and want to try a bigger enlargement, definitely give this series a try!

Even though these lenses were not sponsored by Uniqso, I thought it would be nice to let you guys know where I bought these. Also, I have a discount code for you all to use which is SUY10 that will give you 10% off of your entire purchase! I do not get anything from people using this code, it's just a great freebie!

Hoped this review was helpful!
Btw, Halloween is coming up, and I'm hoping to do a few makeup tutorials before it's here. If you guys have any suggestions please leave a comment! I seriously have no idea what to be for Halloween this year or what makeup tutorials to make so any help will be appreciated!


10 comments on "Uniqso Circle Lens: Puffy Three Tone Violet Review"
  1. The puffy series are my favorite too. I'm thinking of purchasing more of the grey ones in bulk since they are my favorite. The purple looks pretty although they don't look all that vibrant in the bottom pics...? Anyway, I don't think I could ever get purple lenses. Way too unnatural for me.

    1. All of the selfies were taken during somewhat dark lighting/cloudy indoor lighting instead of directly at natural lighting which is why the lenses appear so dark, but when I wore them out on a good day, they were quite vibrant. I mentioned how the color range varies with different lighting~ I also brighten the selfies quite a bit, otherwise it would be almost as dark as the gif.

  2. the circle lenses are beautiful *_*Your blog is very nice and interesting. I`m glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  3. These look so cool! Please check out my blog!xx

  4. Sandy, you are the cutest!
    you literally look like one of those girly Japanese students I see here in Japan, but if you really are japanese, then you gave justice! haha <3 love this post!

    hope you could visit my blog too!
    love always,

    1. Thank you ^^.
      No, I'm not Japanese.
      Sure, I'll check it out.


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