OOTD: Birthday Suit + Celebration

Friday, September 19, 2014
"I dunno about you, but I'm feeling twenty-two!~"

It was my birthday yesterday! 
H&M hat | H&M jumpsuit | Charlotte Russe heels
I have been meaning to find an excuse to wear this jumpsuit, and I finally did! I had originally wanted to wear a royal blue shift dress since my birthstone is sapphire, but I had no luck finding one. Despite that, I'm really happy with this alternative since I think it fits my style/aesthetics perfectly! 
As a few of you might be able to tell, I love mixing masculine and feminine looks together and this outfit is no different. A jumpsuit is usually quite a masculine silhouette, but the satin/silky material, pattern, and thin straps adds femininity. I also paired a bowler hat and thin-strapped heels to this look to create that balance as well.


I didn't have much planned for my birthday since a lot of people were busy with work or school. I spent my morning with my cousin Diana. 
We went to Ulta to get the Too Face Shadow Insurance from the "21 Days of Beauty Steals" Event and for my free birthday gift. 
Afterwards, we dropped by Starbucks to redeem my free birthday drink/food. Since the buy one holiday drink and get the second one free was going on I decided to get a food item while Diana got the drinks.

We went back to her place after and did our little shoot.

"What's over there?"
"Nothing. Ha-ha~"

After shooting, we chilled for a bit and then headed to my house for my birthday dinner and cake! I accidentally left my camera at Diana's house so I couldn't take any nicer pictures; smartphone quality will have to do!
To end my birthday, bf and his siblings took me to the movies since I've been wanting to watch Guardians of the Galaxy; it was also the last day that it will be shown in theaters so I'm happy we went in time! 
I absolutely loved the movie! It was so funny and great!
All I have to say is..."I am Groot." That is all.

Thank you to those that sent me birthday wishes. I appreciate them a lot, and it's secretly (well, not so secretly anymore) one of my favorite things about my birthday because it shows that those people cared enough to send me it haha. SO THANK YOU!! 

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