Water Country Photoset

Sunday, August 17, 2014
My last Exploring photoset seemed to be quite successful so I decided to make this one.

This is my second summer going to Water Country USA. The last time was about two or three summers ago when I was a brunette, so obviously I forgot what most of the rides were. My bf and I went twice so far. The first trip was with our friends.

Water Country
We mostly ate during the first trip and rode most of the rides. 
I finally got some dippin' dots! An amusement park must, I may say! I tried both the Rainbow Ice and the Oreo Cookie. I preferred the Rainbow Ice  more since I don't eat that flavor as often, but the Oreo Cookie was yummy as well~
I also tried turkey leg for the first time! It was delicious.
After eating, we just relax at the Surfer's Bay Wave Pool and tanned before heading home. I didn't get tanned really, since it was a cloudy day. It was still nice though since there wasn't a lot of people!

Water Country 2
For the second trip, we went with my bf's siblings. 
This trip was more relaxing. 
We spent most of our time at the Hubba Hubba Highway and the Surfer's Bay Wave Pool. There were really long lines at the rides since we went on a weekend instead of a weekday, but we did manage to get on a couple. 
We also snuck in foods and got the souvenir cup to get 99 cent refills. 
Oh and of course, some Dippin' Dots as well! This time we got Banana Split and Rainbow Ice.
Before we left, we popped into the gift shop to see what it had. I ended up getting this cool necklace. It didn't show up in the picture, but the black bead in the middle has an iridescent shine to it.
We concluded our day riding a few more rides and eating at the buffet. We all ate so much there! I didn't take any pictures of that because I was busy stuffing my face haha. I had four plates and four cups of different soups. That explains how hungry I was LOL.


6 comments on "Water Country Photoset"
  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun! I have only been there once and the most memorable thing was that one water ride that was high up and you are in a tube and the floor opens and you get dropped and I felt like I was drowning! I can scarcely remember you as a brunette, which is weird because I first met you as a brunette lol.

    1. I know which one you're talking about! I rode it the very first time I was there when I didn't know how to swim. I pretty much drowned haha, but I managed to get out. Definitely did not like the water up my nose though. We didn't ride that one this year. We were scaredy-cats and only rode the less intense ones. LOL

      Haha basically nobody remembered when I had brown hair. I wasn't as involved in meeting friends during that time XD

  2. Sounds like a fun relaxing holiday at this water place c:
    I'd love to visit it though I'm not really a water person :c
    I want the rainbow ice cream dots!! Xx

    1. I'm not really a water person either or a roller coaster person, but most of the rides were bearable. You should definitely go one day!


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