OOTD: Handmade Kimono Cardigan

Saturday, August 23, 2014
Haven't done an OOTD post in a while. 
Here I am wearing a kimono-styled cardigan that I made a couple of weeks ago.
DIY kimono cardigan | Forever21 top | Forever21 shorts | H&M necklace

I haven't done this in a while so I avoided looking at the camera haha.
I styled it mostly with summer colors.
And if you would like me to make a step by step post of how to make this cardigan, please leave a comment below saying so! I didn't know if I should make one since there are already a lot of tutorials floating around on the interwebs ^^.

Summer is about to end so I'm just trying to enjoy the last bit of it before Fall even though I don't wear much colors anyway. Planning on going to Water Country one more time next week before our Fun passes expire.
I'm actually looking forward to Fall because it's my favorite season :). Also, I feel like I'll have better outfits to share then~.

Hope your summer was fun! 
For those that started school or about to start school again, I hope your first day went/will go well! Enjoy school/classes because it'll go by fast. (I sound so old, but it's very true).

9 comments on "OOTD: Handmade Kimono Cardigan"
  1. Post the DIY if it's easy :d! I'm horrible with my hands and therefore fail at crafting </3!

    ❤ http://lovelyanneee.blogspot.ca/ ❤

    1. I think it's pretty easy, but it's because I know how to sew/use a sewing machine. Hm...I'll see if I can make it more simple :)

  2. So cute ^^

    The florals are pretty !!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. moc se mi ten outfit líbí:))

  4. awww your outfit is really nice. It looks good on you :)



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