Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Review

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Today I will be sharing a product that I have been using sporadically for a while, but recently I have been using it a lot more often. It is...
This is a toner.

I first started using this product around the end of winter/beginning of spring.
Since it's been that long, I don't remember where I bought it. It's either ebay or Sasa

I am not a frequent toner user because I am lazy (LOL). I usually just rinse with cold water and that'll be it! Hence why I waited until now to make this review. Also, because I didn't see any differences and thought this product didn't work. Boy, was I wrong!
As you can see here on the bottle, this is a 7 in 1 toner and is supposed to do all of the things listed. 

After using it for the past week or two, I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin.
I broke out recently because I've been not eating right - late meals, lots of diary products, and not drinking enough water. It was also around that time of the month and I started to be lazy about my skincare routine and I've been going to the pool which has lots of chlorine more often now which I assumed dried out my skin a lot. (Yikes!) So I had all of those factors going against me which resulted in my horrible break out.

I went back to my usual skincare routine and started to use the Wonder Pore Freshner more frequently because I want to make my pores as small as I could to prevent anymore pimples from popping up and to maintain my pH level since I've been going to the pool more.

How to use:
After cleansing/exfoliating, I would apply the toner on a cotton pad and just swipe it across my face starting from the center outwards. Then, I just let it air dry a bit before applying my moisturizing. So far I've only use it in the evening because it helps get all the leftover makeup residue from the makeup remover and makeup product.

Does everything it claims on the bottle
Feels light like water
Removes leftover cleansing residue and makeup residue
Have a slight alcohol scent, but not too much that it bothers me
Cute packaging

Wished that it has a pump to get the product out like the makeup removers you see at Sephora that customers can use
Contains alcohol which I know that some people say is bad

Overall, I think this is a great product!
I will definitely recommend it for those that have similar skin type as me (dry/normal). I do not know if it works on others that have combination/oily skin, but it wouldn't hurt to try!
I hope this review was helpful and hope you guys are enjoying your Labor Day weekend :).


5 comments on "Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Review"
  1. IDK how I feel about this, because I like the rose witch hazel so much :d! Not a big fan of alcohol in my toner, but yeah. Have a nice extended weekend too~

    ❤Lovely Anne❤

    1. If the Rose Witch Hazel works for you then keep on using it! Everybody's skincare routine is different than another's ^^.

  2. Nice review! Sounds like an overall good product!

    xo T.

  3. Nice !! I will also check it out ^^

    恵美より ♥


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