Vans Warped Tour 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014
I went to the Vans Warped Tour for the first time yesterday with my two cousins. I don't listen to much bands, but I decided to go along with them anyways because I wanted to experience what it's like. I'm pretty open to different types of music so why not?

There were a lot of vendors around that had a lot of cool merchandise. One of the ones that we stopped by was the Vans tent. There was actually multiple ones around the whole venue. The three of us decided to get a souvenir here. We got matching tops and free hats! They had a deal  for buy a top for $10/$15 and get a free hat/wallet/draw string backpack so of course we took advantage of it!

Mayday Parade

Free Peace Tea drinks!
We saw a booth selling vegan things and I just took a picture of the stuff it had. I really liked the tank that says "I don't eat anything that poops" LOL. I told my cousins to get it since they're vegetarians, but they didn't want to spend more money. Plus, it was pretty overpriced - $20 for a tank? 
Taking some selfies before the next band starts~

I loved how colorful this was so we took a picture in front of it. 
Soon after other people did the same thing haha!
We got a free coupon ribbon bracelet, but my cousin accidentally made his too tight and we tried to get it off of him. We EVENTUALLY found a booth that had scissors to cut it.

The Summer Set
More selfies since we're waiting. 
Plus, we were so tired and sweaty from walking around and jumping.

The Maine

Checking to see what band is up next.

The Ready Set
Out of all the bands we went to, this was the only band that sung a song I knew LOL.
♪ Love like Woe 

Afterward, we stood in line to get a picture with The Maine. 
~*~*forever alone*~*~
(He was tired).

The Maine
Me and one of the band members had similar sunglasses AND was wearing our snapbacks the same way!
He complimented on my sunnies hehe~

After getting the picture we were on our way home.
This picture does not do justice to how it really looks in real life. It was beautiful.

We stopped by 7-Eleven to get a cold drink before heading home again.

Overall, I had a pretty rad time at the Warped Tour. I'm so surprised that my makeup did not melt and was pretty much on point for the whole day even though it was sweltering outside. Also, I was surprised that I actually knew one song so I was pretty pump for that haha. If I do go again next year, I will definitely know what to expect and better prepare for it. Hopefully, I'll know more bands by then and enjoy it to the fullest! 


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