One Day Beach Trip 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Hey guys!
 On Tuesday, we went on a one day beach trip to VA Beach. We had a pretty rough start to the day, but we made the best of it. 
Yes, I took this cliche beach picture LOL.

We ate brunch during the car ride. I had a Caesar salad and Green Tea. I thought I'll eat and drink something more "cooling" since I know that it's going to be really hot at the beach. It's just my weird Chinese mentality haha.

We finally arrived!
FOREVER21 Sunglasses | H&M Bikini

We were at the beach for maybe a hour before it started to rain. :(
So we just decided to pack up and dry off in the car and explored the boardwalk.

He wanted me to put a mustache on him HAHAHA

After exploring the boardwalk for a bit, the rain hit even harder so we ran to this restaurant to eat.

The food was delicious
I got the Pesto Cream Sauce Fettuccine.
When I was done, I made a little island with the leftover sauce ^-^.

Then, we continued to look around some more in the little shops and I just took a bunch of pictures.
FOREVER21 Sunglasses | H&M Top | PAPAYA Cardigan | CLAIRE'S Sandals

I got a henna tattoo with Diana and Mindy.

We were going to ride the ferris wheel, but we figured that the seats were probably still wet from the rain so we passed. We plan on coming back later this summer to have an actual beach trip and spend time at the beach tanning, playing in the water, volleyball, and etc.

Our last stop was McDonald's to get something for the car ride home.

By the way, I just thought I'll say "Hi!" to a few of my new followers. I haven't gotten new followers for this blog in a while so I was really happy when I saw you guys! 
Thanks for following and the support! I really appreciate it! 


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  1. Great pics! That's too bad it started raining, but it looks like you all still had fun :-) and your outfit was really cute! Love, Luciana~


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