OOTD: National Pink Day!

Monday, June 23, 2014
Happy National Pink Day!

Today's outfit of the day was inspired by this holiday. I actually do not have much pinks in my wardrobe so it was a little tough to do. I have lots of pale pinks/salmon/peach colored articles of clothing, but none that is a "true pink" so this was the closest shade of pink I had. 

I don't normally wear pinks because I feel like the color makes me look like a kid, but for these photo sets, I decided to play off of that theme - 90s kid!

Ebay Glasses | Forever21 Sweater top | Forever21 Biker shorts 
It's been so hot, and I've been too lazy to dress up so I'm just keeping it to the basics.
Hoped you guys liked this other "lazy day" look!


6 comments on "OOTD: National Pink Day!"
  1. Cute outfit. Looks very comfy. Yeah, I have no "true pink" stuff in my closet either. It's mostly a pale salmon. I'm just not a huge pink fan. When I was invited to a baby shower, the theme was pink and people were encouraged to wear pink and I had like nothing to wear for it.

    1. thanks! even though i don't have much pink clothes, i still have a few pink things. i would say pink is my third or fourth favorite color haha

  2. This is so cute, I think I own one pink item, a pair of pink shoes and that's it. Those glasses look amazing on you <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Love your glasses. Would you like to follow each other
    via GFC, Bloglovin & Google+ to keep in touch? Lemme know
    & take care!



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