OOTD: Lazy days + Briefly about my day

Friday, June 6, 2014
Since I haven't done an outfit of the day post or a photoshoot in a while, I went a little crazy the other day taking them.
Hope you'll like them~

F21 Grey Crop Top | eBay Baggy Shorts with Belt | oNecklace Name Plate Necklace | H&M Sneakers

After my little self photoshoot, I went to my internship.

I took a selfie break haha.

Thank goodness, there was a fan. It was so hot working.

After I was done with all of my tasks, bf picked me up, and we went to watch X-Men. I'm embarrassed to say this, but it was my first Marvel movie that I watched, so I was a bit lost. Good think I kind of remembered bits of the cartoon versions I watched when I was a kid so I figured out the powers of the characters and a little of their personalities. I thought it was a good movie :).
I think I still liked Malenficent more.~~

Anyways, remember to hype my look and to stay tune for my Malenficent-inspired look!

I'm thinking about doing some styling posts/videos about how I would style a certain item.
I have a couple of ideas so far, but if you guys have an suggestions, I will greatly appreciate it!


5 comments on "OOTD: Lazy days + Briefly about my day"
  1. Two films I am yet to see... though I think I'd rather see malificent, Marvel comics tend to be better than the X-Men films. Cute photos, I love the outfit <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. I love love your jean shorts Sandy!!!<333 You're so cute ah<333
    I want to do a lazy ootd soon now hehe I'll mention you if I do<333


    1. Thanks Kystle! (OMG I can't believe I've been spelling your name "Krystal" this whole time! I'm so sorry!)

      Ohh I can't wait to see it!

  3. I love your style! You have really pretty skin, it looks fresh and dewy! Do you have a skin care routine, or any products you'd recommend?

    Can't wait for the Maleficent inspired look!

    1. Thank you Claudia!

      I never get compliments about my skin before XD. I will be postling my May Favs soon and there I will mention some products I've been using so please stay tune for that! I did have a skin care routine post from a while back if you would like to check it out here: http://uhhsandy.blogspot.com/2012/08/my-skin-care-routine.html
      Maybe I should make an update one soon?


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