Maleficent Inspired Look from Maleficent

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Hey guys!
I finally finished making the tutorial for Maleficent.

I am aware that I do not look like Jolie so this tutorial was pretty tough to do. If you have strong cheek bones and more angular features then I feel like this tutorial will be helpful!

I am aware that it looks like I have a five o' clock shadow hahaha.

LOL I should have used a more warmer eyeshadow for contouring, but I thought it would look better on camera. I guess I thought wrong haha~. Oh well. I tried...
At least this look can be used for a vampire look as well as a sultry playboy bunny look?

I hope you guys still like this tutorial.


6 comments on "Maleficent Inspired Look from Maleficent"
  1. The look great on you! May I ask what lipstick you used? The red color looks awesome!
    bijou-heart ♥

    1. Thanks! The red lipstick I used was Artistry in the color Stunning. :)

  2. You look more like the cute young version of Malificent lol. Anyway, what lip liner did you use?

    1. LOL. I used Rimmel London in Red Diva. I mentioned this lip liner in my February Favs~


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