FLOWER On Your Mark Liquid Eye Liner in Black Review

Monday, June 2, 2014
Today I have a review on this "new" makeup brand I happened to saw at the beauty aisle of Walmart. I have never heard about this brand, but according to the packaging details, it seems like it's a brand that stresses on not being tested on animals and that it is made in the USA. The prices were a little pricier than other drug store brands so I only picked up one item to try.

I like the simplicity of this makeup line. It's actually what drawn me to it. 

It has a felt tip which makes application pretty easy.

On the packaging, it claimed that it is all day wear and smudge-proof.
I guess that's somewhat true, but it does fade.

You can see here that the color is not the blackest black. It looks more like a dark brown or black brown. The formula dries matte and very natural.

Overall, this eyeliner isn't that bad. The only downfall is that the black is not black enough for me and it fades over time. However, I can keep reapplying without it looking messy or flaky like other liquid liners I've used. I would say give it a go if you want to try a drug store pen liquid liner. Surprisingly, this is the best drug store pen liquid liner I have tried so far. I will probably continue to use this until it runs out. I'm still looking for the perfect pen liquid liner!

P.S. I did my brows today. ^-^


2 comments on "FLOWER On Your Mark Liquid Eye Liner in Black Review"
  1. What a sleek design!
    Such precision! May have to scrounge my local Boots or Superdrug for one of these, your eyebrows are perf btw. Hope you're enjoying the start of summer!!



    1. Thank you! Hope you'll have a great summer as well!


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