A Day at NOVA + OOTD

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Hi guys!
Just the other day I went up to Northern Virginia (NOVA) to hang out and play for a day.

Forever21 tank | Forever21 bralette | Forever21 bag | Charlotte Russe shorts | Yesstyle flats
I think a piece of my hair is making my face look concerned or something :/


We finally arrived!

This is the first time we went to this Korean BBQ place. The little cow logo is cute!

After eating we went and got some boba at the Eden Center which is basically a Vietnamese market place.

Apparently, this place has the best bubble teas.

Bf and I shared a mango boba with jelly.
One of the best we have tasted so far!
This place used the real yellow mango to make this drink. :)

Heading back to the car

I don't know how bf did it, but he made my legs look like miles in this shot haha~

Then, we went shopping at Tysons Mall.
I didn't bring my camera in because it would have been a little weird, but I manage to get the things that I've been wanting - a stylish, mini backpack to carry my camera around when we travel or whenever I want to bring my dslr camera around and a black, flowy tank top that I've been wanting since the beginning of spring. You have no idea how hard it was to find one in my price range and one that I know what to wear underneath so it will not look messy haha.

Then, we went to grab dinner before heading home at Chasin' Tails. 
I've never been there before, but have heard good things about this place.
I didn't bring my camera in so these are from my phone - hence the lower quality pictures.

First time eating raw oysters.
It wasn't that bad~

Yay! I finally get to try the crawfish here!

I thought these bibs were cute hehe.

On our way home, we stopped by this Korean Bakery and Cafe.
This is my first time here, too.

Get ready for a spam of pretty pastries!

GYAAAHH! How I wish I can work at a bakery/cafe like this one day~
I wouldn't mind spending my days making cute cakes and pastries.
This place is actually hiring right now, but too bad I live like two hours away. :(

I wished I took more pictures of this place's decor, but I was a little embarrassed for snapping so many pictures already...The decor was nature-themed. :)

Yay! Bingsoo~~
So colorful, right??
I actually wanted the green tea one, but my sister's boyfriend already ordered this one so we just ate it.
Still pretty good though.

Only the girls ate it while the guys were playing on their phone eating buns LOL.

After eating, we were on our way home. We were stuck in traffic for four hours...but at least we passed time playing car games so it wasn't as bad.

I was going to make a vlog as well, but it turns out I lost most of the footage somehow. Oh well, at least I still have these pictures! 


3 comments on "A Day at NOVA + OOTD"
  1. Aww too bad I'm not in the area to come hang out with you guys! lol maybe next time. Don't be embarrassed to bring your camera to Tysons. No one will even notice.

  2. Woow, you look so sweet in your outfit! And the food makes me soo hungry! Especially the last part XD the pastry *O*


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