How to clean tarnished silver jewelry

Friday, May 16, 2014
Lately, I've been reorganizing and straightening my room. Well, actually I've been doing that since I was done with finals aha... Anyway! While straightening up my jewelry section of the room, I found these silver bracelets that I used to wear all the time. They surely do not look like how they used to look. They actually looked a bit gross, so I decided to try the tooth paste trick that I heard about a long time ago. I thought, why not give it a try? So I did!

All you need is toothpaste and a tooth brush.
I just used whichever toothpaste I had at home and an old toothbrush I found in our bathroom closet.

As you can see, midway through cleaning this bracelet, I realized I should be blogging about this to share with you guys haha.

I just squirted some toothpaste on the sink and just took the toothbrush and started scrubbing away!

It definitely works on real silver jewelry!

Then, I tried it on a bracelet that is not made with real silver.

It works, too!
There are a few scratches and missing flakes, but it is because it is made with mixed metals and cheap materials - not because of scrubbing too hard with the tooth brush.

So I guess in conclusion, toothpaste really does work on silver/silver-looking jewelry!
I was definitely impressed. I guess it makes sense since toothpaste is a base, and the tarnish is cause by acids so they neutralizes each other out and viola! Back to being shiny jewelry!

I hope this post was helpful for those that are troubled with their jewelry tarnishing.
Let me know if you tried it!
As always, feel free to comment below or leave me a message on my chatbox if you have any suggestions for my next post/video.


3 comments on "How to clean tarnished silver jewelry"
  1. I use the same method like yours with the toothpaste c:

  2. wow I never knew this :o (or maybe I have heard but just don't remember..) I'll definitely try this!! :D Thanks~!

  3. I have so much silver jewelry that this would be so helpful!


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