How I achieved my Lavender/Lilac Hair

Friday, April 4, 2014
Hi everybody!
Sorry for not being able to post as often as I said I would. I've been having technical difficulties and personal things going on so hopefully you guys can forgive me.

Well, if you don't already know from my announcements on my other social media platforms, I DYED MY HAIR PURPLE!

I will be showing you how I did it,
"But first, let me take a selfie"

I actually can stand that song.

Anyway, this post will mostly consist of selfies because I loved how my hair turned out. Plus, a lot of people wanted to see pictures haha.

 Here is how I achieved this color and the products I used. It was really simple!
- any white conditioner
- a clear container so you can see what color you are getting
- a brush
- gloves
- color hair dyes you want

Start off with a container filled with how ever much conditioner you think you need.
I have VERY thick hair and a big head so I actually ended up using 4-5 times as much as shown. 

I mixed in mostly the purple semi-permanent hair dye (Purple Passion) and a very little amount of the magenta (Raspberry Kamikaze). By the way I love the name of that one! KA MI KA ZE~~

I mixed in about 10 part purple and 1 part magenta.
You can mix it how ever you want until you achieve the color desired. But be sure to make it about 5 shades darker.

Next I had my bf apply it all over my hair and it looks like this.

I already really like the color the dye came out to be so I left it in longer than what the instructions said. I left it on for about 40 minutes.

This is how it looks when I washed it out. It was a lot lighter than I had hoped, but I still really like how it turned out!

Now for my selfie spam~

The purple ended up toning my roots which was dark blonde into a light brown.
I actually like it because it almost seem natural to me? Like my hair grows out dark and gets lighter over time? That probably sounds weird, but haha I LIKE IT.

Hopefully, my brief How-to was easy to follow.
Thanks for coming by!


6 comments on "How I achieved my Lavender/Lilac Hair"
  1. I looove it :o I read on your FB that you've dyed your
    hair purple and I thought it would be super intense
    purple, glad it's not :P I like this color! Xx

    1. haha sorry for the misconception, but thank you!

  2. Beautiful hair I love purple hair so much *0*

    恵美より ♥


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