[Sponsored] Fobby Barbie Shop Circle Lens Review: Neo Vision Princess Chocolate Pearl Grey (Neo Vision Princess 3 Tone Gray)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
It feels like forever since I last did a circle lens review!

Today I will be reviewing the Neo Vision Princess Chocolate Pearl Grey that Fobby Barbie Shop kindly sponsored. They were formerly know as Fobby Barbie for those that think this site sounds familiar. They have renovated their site and packaging so please check them out!

I love their new packaging. It has all of my favorite colors! It also has a great picture in the back to show you the correct way to wear contacts or circle lenses and helpful tips to keep in mind when wearing them.

DESIGN: ★★★★☆
The design is quite similar to the Neo Vision Shimmer Honey except the brown inner rim is smaller and the grey outer rim has a radiant, reptile-like or sunflower-like pattern. The pattern is almost like the GEO Fresh Brown, but with 3 colors instead of one. The first time I wore it, I thought my eyes looked very cat-like. I think this design help my eyes look more awake.

COLOR: ★★★★★
The grey is extremely vibrant in certain lighting. The three colors are blended in pretty well. I could barely make out the brown and light brown/gold. If you want grey lenses that will appear opaque on dark eyes, I recommend these!

These circle lenses have a very natural enlargement which is perfect for me! (If you haven't already noticed, I love circle lenses with the diameter of 14.2mm). If you prefer something more enlarged and dolly, these are not the ones for you.

I can wear these lenses for the whole day; however, if it's windy or if you stare at a computer screen/tv screen for a while, these can get a bit dry. A couple drops of eye drops helps a lot!

Here are pictures of how it looks in indoor, dim lighting. 

Looks quite natural with a dark grey tint.

Now here are pictures in direct, natural window lighting.

They look extremely vibrant and have a gorgeous light grey/silver tint ♡.

OVERALL: ★★★★★
I really LOVE the color of these circle lenses even though the design is a little reptile-like, but not as reptile-like as the GEO Nudy Brown I used to have. It's a refreshing color and the enlargement is perfect for me! I definitely recommend these!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, this was helpful. 

And thank you again Fobby Barbie Shop for sponsoring these lenses!


6 comments on "[Sponsored] Fobby Barbie Shop Circle Lens Review: Neo Vision Princess Chocolate Pearl Grey (Neo Vision Princess 3 Tone Gray)"
  1. The lenses are super pretty! You know how I love grey lenses. Although, 14.2 is a little small for me. I usually prefer at least 14.5 but since these look so pretty, I might just consider buying them then next time I need lenses :)

  2. Ooh, gorgeous! I'm looking for a good pair of grey lenses, since I saw one of my fave Youtubers wear some really lovely 3 tone ones... :)

    OhCindyrella~ Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I definitely recommend these! I have reviewed other grey lenses before, too. Feel free to check out my tagged post and see if you can find the ones you like ^^.

  3. Subtle and very beautiful *0*

    恵美より ♥


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