What I did with the DIY roses | Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
Hey guys!

Remember when I showed you how to make paper roses?
This is what I made with them.

That's right! My own little Christmas tree.

I showed my mom what I did and she really liked it. She said it was really pretty.
She rarely compliments me so it made me really happy.

I took pictures of the polaroid before it finished developing.
I always love the muted colors of it.

Hope you guys will have a Merry Christmas!

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6 comments on "What I did with the DIY roses | Merry Christmas!"
  1. Super cute. I like that you used magazines for it. I did one one year ago and it's still on my desk.

  2. Oh I was wondering what you were going to make out of the roses, very cute <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  3. This is so creative and amazing I can't believe i just stumbled on to your blog today... defoly followed :) I can't wait to read more of your up coming posts

    1. thank you! i can't take all the credit. i actually learned how to do it on youtube, but put my own twist to it ^^


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