Triple Date Night

Friday, December 13, 2013
Sorry that I couldn't manage to post yesterday! I was busy all day.

I had a group meeting to go to in the morning to work on our final presentation. Then, I had to go up to my bf's work place to give him something he forgot. In turn he gave me some food. 

So while I pigged out with all these foods, I was trying to think about what I should post. I had "bloggers-block" and could not think of anything I should blog about. 

It was soon time to meetup with the others for our triple date night. 
We went to Vietnam Garden to eat first. Coincidentally, it was also bf's sister's birthday so went ate again later in the same restaurant but at a different table. Bf and I basically migrated over to the other side of the restaurant when his family arrived. After both dinners, bf and I met up with the others for bowling. 
Bf and I haven't bowled in so long so we were happy to go!

Yes, we ate again.

 I totally forgot that I was wearing knee high socks so I looked like some 90s chick aha...

So you see that guy in the background? My cousin got it stuck on the right gutter and when I was bowling, my ball richochet that ball and got stuck on the left gutter. He was getting the bowling ball that got stuck in the gutters by yours truely HAHAHA.

LOL. Here I am cheering for my ball to not go into the gutters. 


We had a mini competition to see which couple got the most points. 
I think my cousin (other blonde) and her boyfriend won.
Bf and I were on a different lane so we aren't on this score board.

By the end of the night, bf and I played like 6 games. I got 3-4 strikes which I am pretty proud of! 
The triple date night was definitely lots of fun!

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4 comments on "Triple Date Night"
  1. oh mygoodness i typed a nice comment and i think i hit backspace and it all got deleted ;__;

  2. Anyways I said that the food looked so delicous, and the bowling date was so cute! I've never been bowling before :O Oh and I also said that I was wondering what happened to your post.. hehe ok bai

    ~*~*~*~Btw, please check out my blog! I will happily return the favor for EVERY comment I get! I will follow back too<3~*~*~*

    Thank you!<3

    1. Aw hehe. You should go bowling one day! It's fun!

  3. That food looks amazing, haven't been bowling in a while but I don't think triple (or even double) dates are my thing :L <3

    Cute to the Fashion


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