Toys R Us

Friday, December 20, 2013
Today we went to Toys R Us to go Christmas shopping for my bf's little cousins.
I forgot to bring my camera and my phone had like no power so I couldn't take as much pictures as I would have liked.
I did manage to take a few pictures of toys that I liked and ones that I thought was funny.


OMG. I thought these barbies were funny. "I poop jewels!" and "I poop rainbows!"

I found this and I thought it was PERFECT for me, and my bf bought it for me hehe.

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2 comments on "Toys R Us"
  1. OMG, that Lady Rainicorn /( • o • )\ it's gorg! And that LSP one too!! Ahhhhh I need to go to Toys R Us and get myself some Adventure Time plushies!

    Thanks for sharing! xo Have a lovely evening


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